Artist Bio

Vittoria Doughty was born in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Vittoria focuses on the medium of metal sculpture and works at her studio on Sproat Lake. 

Being primarily self-taught, Vittoria studied both the classic masters and contemporary artists for stylistic knowledge and creative influence. 

Vittoria's sculptures form part of private collections across British Columbia. 

Artist's Statment

As an artist I am inspired to create by my environment and experiences: whether walking to the lake, traveling to new places or hugging my grandchildren, the images, landscapes and emotions of life drive my work. 

I bring a sketch book or camera wherever I go as I am constantly translating my view of the world into unique expressions through sculpture. 

Those who know me well, often catch me talking about a new idea or concept before I have finished the sculpture I am working on. This flow of imagery and creative energy motivates me to continue and evolve as an artist. 

When I first looked at a piece of stainless steel, I saw amazing light jumping off the metal and was immediately excited by the potential for beauty. When I take a plain piece of stainless steel and transform it into a piece of art reflecting nature, I am always amazed at the results as the different treatment and components of the metal alloy make each piece unique. 

My work is different from most as I work completely manually and craft each piece by hand with its own individuality – every sculpture is unique.​​